Macy Asked: i need health advice!?

June 30, 2017Posted by Janet Davison


Okay so i'm a 25 yr old female and yes i'm a little over weight. I have never had any kind of health problems like high blood pressure, sugar etc... I recently had a child 8 months ago.

Well here's my problems. I get nauseous every night soon as i lay down. I can go all day long perfectly fine but soon as my head hits the pillow the nausea hits me hard! Sometimes i actually throw up but for the most part i dont. Im definitely not pregnant.

Another problem i have is i have hair on my boobs. And not like 1 inch hairs like little peach fuzz hairs but they're thick looking and when i pull them out with tweezers its like 5 hairs out of one hole. I had this problem before getting pregnant. Any ideas? Another thing is my hair is falling out like crazy. In the shower i pull out clumps that look like a rat is in my hand. This isnt the typical hair falling out thing. I havent noticed any bald spots because my hair is extremely thick so it's actually doing me a favor except for the fact i'm scared i'm going to have bald spots soon. This has been happening for about 6 months now.

Also i have this big boil like bumps on my stomach, butt, inner thighs and on my pubic area ( not the actual vagina just on the top part where the hair grows). They are big and red/purple looking. They hurt and itch. Sometimes they have pus but for the most part they dont. I really don't know what is going on with me. These bump things came along about 2 or 3 years ago and it's extremely embarrassing. Like i dont even want to go to the doctor because im ashamed of them seeing it.

As far as my other symptoms i do need to go see a doctor but right now i have no medical insurance. When me and my fiance get married i will be put on his medical plan but for right now i have no help....

Also a few months ago i think i had a tia ( which is like a baby stroke?) I suddenly felt dizzy and got a really bad headache, then i couldnt talk right at all. As i was driving home my eyes would kind of go blind, like when i looked over at a car i could only see the front half and the rest was like disappeared. I did go to the er and got a ct scan and nothing showed up but i heard sometimes it doesn't always show up. I mean if i had one of these before will it happen again?

And if it was a tia and not an actual stroke should i be worried that a stroke is coming? I'm really freaking out and i'm hating all this that is going on with me. I'm so embarrassed with everything i don't even want to have sex. I mean my hair is falling out, i have hair growing out of my boobs, i got bumps all over my lower region who would want to have sex with someone like me? My fiance don't care about it because he loves me for me and not what's wrong with me but i cant take it. I feel like people can see through my clothes and see my bumps ( i know i'm crazy but i'm just that upset with it) i constantly find myself trying to make sure my shirt is pulled down so no one can see my stomach, or keep my shorts from riding up so no one can see my thighs.

Living this way is hell and i want to be done with it. Any advice?