Himalayan Salt Lamp Sphere

August 19, 2017Posted by Janet Davison


This is actually one of our most in-demand units, this is the Himalayan salt lamp sphere. It nearly reminds people of a gypsy reading, like when you went to a psychic and they're rubbing her hands looking into the crystal ball. Oh well, i'm sorry people however this is actually a Himalayan salt lamp sphere. It weighs somewhere between 8 and ten lbs.

One of the things we are gonna demonstrate to you right now is actually exactly how to be able to attach the bulb as well as wire assemblage correctly to the actual lamp. It is really self explanatory, but a lot of individuals have questions relating to this.

Therefore to begin with you want to turn over the light fixture, so that you can observe the special bracket which we've devised for this particular light fixture which fits comfortably with the bulb and also wire. It is a stainless steel mounting bracket. It helps to hold the particular light fixture as well as base together, in addition this helps to hold the bulb and cord safe. Remember that you're using a very small bulb which could break in the event that it hits the side of the particular light fixture. So we've gone ahead and manufactured this for your benefit.

Now if you keep with me for just a second, I will rest this down there. There is the actual butterfly wire fitting, this generally has to be pulled out just slightly, so that it can fit comfortably into the salt lamp sphere. You can observe that it's been extended. Carefully get it, look for a good comfy method to place it in there and then snap it into position. Can you see it? Alright excellent.

Right now we will do this once more. Here is the simple clamp light bulb as well as cord assembly which is included with each and every one of our lamps. We have the stainless steel clamp which holds the bulb and also wire firmly, and also the butterfly attachment clamp which in turn alters in order to fit in comfortably straight into the actual lamp bottom.

Okay, one final time. keep it in between your forefinger and thumb, press and it straight into place. A perfect assembly, so that you can enjoy your own crystal ball, or perhaps in this particular circumstance the Himalayan salt lamp sphere.