Does it make a difference whether men or women lie?

September 28, 2017Posted by Janet Davison


L Street Brownie Asked: Does it make a difference whether men or women lie?

Men's lies include married men who seduce a single woman into a one night stand when the wife's out of town and hide their wedding ring in their pocket.

Men also lie about being divorced to women they are interested in dating (study qunol coq10), even before the divorce has been finalized, look qunol coq10. The wife moves out, and the guy starts dating. Some guys are even dating before the wife moves out.

Men will lie about what they do for a living. "I manage the building" usuallly means that he's a janitor. Working in food services means the guy's a busboy. An Education Consultant is a substitute teacher. And when a guy tells a woman that he has his own business, the usually means he's perched up on his bed watching Jerry Springer each morning struggling to get his lazy butt out of bed.

All of this has to do with a guy trying to get a little sexually when they have little to offer in terms of a long term relationship.

But what about women's lies. Oh yeah.

"I spend some time trying to find myself" means that she went off the chaste wagon and decided to handle her change of life and needs for passion by sleeping with every guy she picked up at bars over the past year. In that case, find yourself a health clinic and get tested.

If "money is not my thing," take her out to McDonalds or Burger King for a dinner date. Then if she wants to go out to the French restaurant with her friends tell her that you really need to stay late at the office on Friday night- and Saturday too.

Men lie to get an attractive woman to go to bed with them.

Women lie to get a rich guy to marry them. "And if you live with a guy after a certain number of years, it becomes a common law marriage." Really? Then what is a marriage license for anyway? Window dressing?

One of my divorced buddies died of a heart attack. He was divorced with kids and living with a woman when he died. So the exwife shows up with the kids to go over the estate with the family lawyer from his family. And the girlfriend he was living with showed up too. She wanted not just a small share, she wanted everything as the common law marriage and such.

Want to know what the GF got?

The estate attorney held the door open for her as he asked her to leave. No marriage license. No money. Get out. Living in sin is just that. This is why gays and lesbians are fighting for gay marriage in the US and other countries. Unless you are legally married to someone, you don't get jack. Common law marriage my butt.

So to all those rich guys out there, no worries. If she lives with you now, that's all there is to it. When you die, she doesn't get a dime unless you marry her.